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Measured Volume Set


Measured Volume Set

Special Features : Specially designed floating auto shut off valve acts as floating indicator and automatically shut off the drain path when the chamber gets empty to prevent air trapping in the fluid line. Separate plug for extra medication and continues change over provides with extra strong spike for easy penetration.

Highly Kink resistant Medical grade PVC Tubing

Highly accurate flow regulator to control the flow rate

Micro Drip Set

Application : The Infusion set is designed for Administration of solution. It is suitable for therapeutic administration of fluids.

Specification : Conforms to International Standard As per 12655, ISO 8536-4

Material : The Raw materials are made from following components.

Protective Cap : LDPE/HDPE

Closure Piercing Device : ABS, with Built-in Airvent Micro Dropper, S.S Cannula

Drip Chamber : Non-toxic Medical grade PVC

Fluid Filter : Nylon+ HDPE

Tubing : Non toxic Medical grade PVC I.D-2.8mm, O.D-3.8mm & Wt-9.0gm

Flow Regulator : Big- ABS Roler Clamps

Injection Site : Bulb Latex-Rubber

Adapter : P.P.

Needle : 21GX 1 ?, Hub: HDPE, Cannula-S.S, Cover-PP

Special Features :Transparent and flexible drip chamber permits to show visual access of fluid and also permits rapid adjustment for flow regulation. It is provided with extra strong spike for easy penetration, Highly Kink resistant Medical grade PVC Tubing and Highly accurate flow regulator to control the flow rate.

Self Sealing Injection Site (Bulb Latex)

Sharp and smooth 21G x 1 ?Needle

Sterilized by E.T.O

For single use only

Sterile, Non toxic, Non pyrogenic

Primary Packing : Individually packed in Medical Grade Paper Pouch.

Secondary Packing : 25pcs in H.M Bag

Master Box : 25 H.M Bag in outer Box (500pcs)

Analytical Testing :

A. Raw material testing

B. In process Testing

C. Finished Product Testing

Sterility Test

Toxicity Test

Pyrogen Test

Physico Chemical Test

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